Supplier Integration

Drive business growth with real-time supplier integration

Manage seamless flow of data with suppliers, in real-time and at scale. Supplier integration achieves access to real-time data, a foundational element to deliver elevated customer experience.

Improve collaboration between the company and suppliers

  • APIfy services to integrate enterprise systems with hundreds of suppliers
  • Connect with the entire supplier community using industry-relevant standards like the OTA or EDI
  • On-board each unique partner in days and not weeks, by leveraging out-of-the-box connectors

Scale to meet market surges

  • Manage seasonal peaks and changing data load by adopting truly programmable infrastructure
  • Flexible, easy to scale platform designed via microservices-based approach
  • Enable real-time status updates to share with partners, without overloading the core

Support multiple formats

  • Exchange information using a wide variety of protocols (AS2, SFTP, FTP) and file formats (XML, CSV, JSON, EDIFACT, EDI X12) that partners choose
  • Platform leverages canonical data models to transform data into preferred formats with ease
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