Streaming Payments MicroHub

Payments made easy for financial institutions, e-tailers, billers - and everyone else

The microhub authorizes payments, executes mandates and manages liquidity and business rules. It also interacts with with financial institutions to settle and reconcile payments, and it does all of this while managing a high volume of digital and offline payments.

An Umbrella For All Payments

  • Real-time visibility of every payment
  • Configure business rules to validate and route payments
  • Manage mandates for automated clearing
  • Connects to various bank accounts/relationships to give a holistic view of all the finances at once place

Reconciliation Made Easy

  • Integrates with H2H and APIs to ingest payment data
  • Reconciles against various parameters
  • Supports VANs for simplified accounting

Built On Modern Tech

  • Microservices-first architecture with a very low footprint
  • Optimized for very high volumes of transactions
  • Built on open APIs to make integration simpler
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