Enable data exchange between corporates and your bank in minutes

Corporate to Bank platform makes it easy for corporate customers to exchange data with your bank. The platform is lightning fast, secure, self-healing, improves operational efficiency and provides real-time visibility of data being exchanged.

Establish secure data exchange with corporate customers in minutes

  • C2B enables conversion between files and APIs with very limited or no development required
  • Onboarding time for new customers is reduced to minutes
  • Easy to setup non-standard validations and complex business logic
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Tracking & Monitoring of BAU Issues

  • Improves customer experience by enabling real-time notifications and alerts
  • Automated error-handling to reduce manual intervention
  • Live dashboard of all interactions across corporates
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Scalable, Flexible & Secure

  • Encrypted and secure streaming transfer of data
  • Ability to convert data in any format with both files and APIs
  • Containerised, microservice based architecture ensures ability to handle web-scale without non-linear increase in costs
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