About Us

A diverse team of highly motivated folks with professional work ethic and great attitude


We are a young company with startuppy work culture, a passionate, ego-free leadership team, and we work with some of the largest businesses in the world. We offer a great work culture with an opportunity to learn a lot in a vibrant, fun workplace.


We maintain a friendly working environment where individuals are encouraged to reason, ask, answer and create new-age digital platforms. We embrace chaos, we revel in tech-entropy, we welcome a difference in opinion and we put it all together to create customer delight.

Owning it

We get stuff done and own it end to end. Employees are nudged to be Chief Everything Officers (CEOs), to define their goals and go about meeting them with little or no fuss.

Raising the bar

Nothing brings a better kick into our work life than a sense of accomplishment. We strive to achieve our goals and objectives, and we look at scaling the heights of our domain.

Mutual respect

We are as passionate as we are diverse, hailing from different backgrounds to create a melting pot of IQ and opinions. We act with kindness and respect each other, putting aside our differences for the greater good.

Nurturing creativity

We strive to unlock the creative potential in every one of us. Ideas are nurtured, not shot down, and people are encouraged to think differently, to try out their ideas in a lab and bring them to fruition or learn from failure.


We never compromise on quality. We measure ourselves on the outcome of what we create: product quality, customer delight, user experience, performance and resilience.

Work hard, play hard

We enjoy what we do, and we do what we enjoy. We work hard, play hard, and after long hours of serious work and thought, it's time to celebrate and have fun.

Why work here?

If you are a dreamer of sorts and are excited by technology, this is the place for you. We are happy to nurture new ideas from inception to a launch, see it work, and help shape the impact it has on the world.

It's time to build something that you are proud of. We are always looking to hire folks of any seniority who consider themselves competent in the following areas or adjacent technologies: distributed systems, middleware, ESB, CEP, Java, User Experience, Machine Data, BI and Analytics.

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