One Roof

All deals are maintained under one roof, providing a single, unified view to the escrow operations team. XCRO captures all the incoming transactions through various channels and present them at a single place.

Deal Lifecycle Management

Manage the complete lifecycle of a deal from deal creation through deal instruction execution to reporting. It encompasses various functions like pre-negotiations, operations, sales and legal.

Unprecedented Levels of Automation

Supports complex rule based schedules for instructions that are completely automated. We employ machine learning techniques to automate creation of instructions incoming through various channels like e-mail.

Integrated Solution

A truly Integrated solution that seamlessly connects with various systems such as Core banking system, Document management system, LDAP, SMS Gateway, and SMTP server.

Simplified Compliance

Reliable and clear tracking of the deals that allows us to get a complete visibility on the transactions and audit trails across all activities that happen within the escrow system.

Permitted Investments

Maximize client earnings through efficient management of the funds in the escrow account from a single portal. Invest directly into several financial products without having to connect to disparate systems.

Manage a variety of deals
1. Trust & Retention Agreements (TRA)

Manage a wide range of deal instructions being executed: Fund Transfer, Retention, Waterfall, Budget, etc.

Sophisticated scheduler to schedule the instructions based on pre-defined frequencies.

Ability to schedule Ad hoc instructions.

Handle priority and dependency within a deal.


XCRO encompasses all the RERA regulatory and compliance requirements.

Track withdrawals from a separate account.

Schedule transfer instructions between multiple accounts.

Milestone-based release of payments.

Document Repository.

3. Others

Banks also benefit from additional deal execution capabilities of XCRO, such as

Employee-Stock options (ESOPs)

Lender-Borrower EMI Payment with DSRA

Lender-Borrower with Sweep FD

Lender-Borrower with shortfall condition

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Feature Standard Enterprise
Deal management
User acess management
Instructions setup
Priority & dependency
Alerts & exception management
Permitted investments
Income booking
Audit management
Mailbox integration
Account reconciliation
Master data management
Dashboards & reporting
Analytics engine
Embedded data store
Containerized interfaces
Connectors(SWIFT, SAP, etc.)